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Morbid Line S.pA. has been present for 30 years in the padded furniture field, with a a philosophy of production based on quality, simplicity and concreteness. Our rich collection includes armchairs, sofas, sofa-beds, recliners embracing different styles and trends.

The design of each model reaches an equilibrium of lines and volumes in a finished synthesis of refinement and comfort thanks also to the employ of Memory Forma, a particular visco-elastic padding endowed with a softness that represents the maximum level of synthesis between ergonomics and comfort.

Our products are the result of deep and articulated research in the technological field suitable to a market more and more demanding of quality.

All our products are reserved to the firms in the field: please fill in the form to ask more information about us.

Morbid line S.p.A.
35010 Cadoneghe (PD) Italy - Via E. Majorana, 10A/12
Tel. +39 049.8879549 r.a. - Fax. +39 049.8875953
E-mail: info@morbidline.com